From intimate family gatherings to huge corporate product launches, from school children to industry leaders, from physical challenges to paperless cyber chases, we have the ideas to create the event that meets your exact needs.  Whether it is to create awareness, make an impact or convey a message, our objective is always to customize an event for you that is underscored by fun. We love thinking out of the box and believe that there are many more amazing ideas to be harnessed and brought to life!

Some of Our Notable Custom Events

Nissan Safety Campaign

This campaign was organised in 6 regions throughout Malaysia. Working with Safety Experts, Edaran Tan Chong Motor (Nissan) organised this campaign for their beloved car owners and family members with the goal to promote safety focusing on child safety.

Participating children received first-hand experience and knowledge about the do's and don'ts during an emergency situation and in the process, the children had loads of fun.

GSC 30th Anniversary

This celebratory event was organised to commemorate the GSC’s 30th anniversary by rewarding their loyal & new customers with 2 brand new Nissan X-Trail SUVs! The event was organised in such a manner that it was challenging, suspenseful, fair, suitable for participants of all background, gender & ages and most importantly, FUN!

The games were craft to include elements relating to GSC, its history and industry. It was a rewarding experience for the participants, GSC and, as staunch believers in the principle of continuous learning, Time Out!

OCBC Sports Carnival

This sports carnival is an annual event for OCBC Bank whereby employees from OCBC Singapore compete against their fellow colleagues from OCBC Malaysia.

Altogether, there were 9 sports where both countries compete against one another to determine the victors. Tight matches kept supporters on the edge of their seats, valiant efforts & inspirational sportsmanship were joyously celebrated.

Time Out managed the logistics and preparatory work for the games in ensuring the smooth execution of the games and seamless experience for OCBC’s committee members, athletes and supporters.

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