In today’s corporate scenario, mergers, JVs and partnerships are becoming increasingly common – and building strong teams is critical for survival. We have a variety of programmes aimed at building a sense of belonging and trust, and working cohesively as a team to achieve a shared goal. We also design team-strategy focused activities which can include your company’s core values, mission statement, etc. Developing individual strengths, team synergy and effective communication is always on the forefront of our activities.

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Some of Our Notable Team Building Events

TIME -A Party To Die For!

A uniquely thrilling event whereby teams needed to defuse "time bombs" which has been planted in a mystery location.

Along the way, participants needed to solve creative clues and study a crime scene to obtain hints and tips on whereabouts of the “bombs”!

Solid communication between team members and delegation of roles are crucial to their success in solving the case and saving everyone before the “bomb timer” runs out!

*No one was hurt in the running of this event. 🙂

Build A Bicycle

Companies wishing to serve their community could merge their team building with CSR with this simple yet powerful “Build A Bicycle” programme. This programme has appealed to and participated by companies such as:

- McKinsey & Company
- Siemens
- Telstra
- Mead Johnson

Participants worked in teams to assemble their bikes. Along the way they needed to complete challenging tasks to earn parts in order to build their bicycle. To conclude the programme, the bicycles were handed over to charitable homes that will put them to good use!

Great Eastern - Team Building

Every year Great Eastern will conduct a team building event for their agents in conjunction to the promotion of USM and GSM team leaders.

With 200-300 pax, participants are divided into various teams to work together on various aspects of team bonding including leadership, communication skills and working together.

Teams’ performances are monitored closely for a comprehensive yet fun debriefing that is conducted at the end of the programme.

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