Time Out pioneered and popularised treasure hunts amongst Malaysian corporate companies. A Time Out hunt is a fun-filled event with creative clues and challenges that cultivate brainstorming and problem solving skills. Various challenge stations test your mental and physical abilities, push your limits and create team bonding and co-operation. And when you think it has all been done – you can trust the Time Out team to come up with new, exciting and innovative challenges!

Some of Our Notable Treasure Hunts

Macau Tourism Explorace

This event was co-organized with the Macau Tourism Board in creating a programme for Malaysian tourists to experience what Macau has to offer!

It is a walk hunt in which the participants explored the streets of Macau on foot, just like an Amazing Race event. There were tasks needed to be completed and answers to be found!

Overall this event ran for 3 consecutive years and there were up to 5 departures from Malaysia each year!

Maxis Digital Hunts

As an annual employee engagement event, Maxis Berhad organise the treasure hunt activity where their staffs always look forward to.

Being a digital company, they have moved on from the traditional way of treasure hunting and Time Out have prepared a digital hunt platform making their treasure hunt a paperless event.

Various digital tools & elements were used and implemented to make this event a uniquely new & one-of-a-kind experience to both new and seasoned treasure hunters!

Tone Race - Fiesta to Alor Setar

This event was organized for their registered Tone Excel members. Participants from all over Malaysia came together for this event, which started off from Kuala Lumpur.

Over 600 participants went on-board the chartered ETS Train from KL Sentral Station all the way to Alor Setar Station. It was a first-of-its-kind for two sets of ETS Trains to be coupled together specially for this journey.

Another 600 plus participants took it to the road with a motor treasure hunt all the way up to Alor Setar. This event gained entry into the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Mixed Treasure Hunt.

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